BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Mitchell Moffett and his brother Dustin were on their way home from doing landscaping work when a tree came crashing down on top of them in Brookfield Township.

“It was almost like slow motion. It was just coming, like a dream, just coming toward us slowly, inch by inch, and then it just fell,” Mitchell said.

It happened in the 300 block of Collar-Price Road, between State Route 82 and Warren Sharon Road.

The roof of the vehicle was dented and the windshield was smashed.

Tree falls on car 1 in Brookfield
Photo provided by Jason Cooke.

“I had a little bit of glass in my shoe from the windshield, but you know, throughout all of this, it could have been a lot worse,” Dustin said.

It was a close-call, but the brothers made it out without a scratch.

“We are very lucky that God had his hand of protection on us because if not it would have like decapitated our heads,” Mitchell said.

“Throughout all of thus, I realized that God has a purpose for me and he’s not done with me yet, so he wants me here for a reason,” Dustin said.