MASURY, Ohio (WKBN) — Saturday’s storm took down trees around the Valley — along with power lines and blocking roads.

In Masury, one family had a tree fall on their house, causing extensive damage.

“Just lucky that no one was in there when it happened because it was violent, it was really violent. It really shook things,” said homeowner Brian Bathory.

He was waiting out the storm, hoping for his power to come back on when a tree crashed into the house.

“Heard a big crack and “boom,” and thought it was thunder. It shook the house really bad,” Bathory said. “I noticed dust floating around in the air, started looking around and sure enough, there was about a 10-foot chunk of tree through my ceiling. Then I went outside to find a really large tree on my roof.”

Brian said he was about 20 feet away from where the tree hit.

“My two sons were with me,” Bathory said. “Borderline panicked that possibly there was going to be more damage from what happened.”

He said he got his kids over to his mom’s house where they would be safe and then came back to assess the damage.

“I worked most of the day just trying to get it tarped up until I can get ahold of my mortgage company and find out what’s going on with insurance,” Bathory said.

Most of all, he said he’s glad no one was hurt by the tree.