(WKBN) — The Mahoning County Dog Warden is facing challenges right now with an all-time high of dogs coming in.

The Mahoning County Dog Warden is currently housing up to 80 dogs, with more coming in each week. This is an all-time high for the Dog Warden compared to their usual average of around 56 dogs.

Dianne Fry from the Mahoning County Dog Warden explained this has been the worst year so far with the number of dogs they have coming in, especially younger dogs. She said this could be due to summertime, post-pandemic, or the inflation problem.

“They’re not socialized, some are really in not great physical condition,” said Fry.

The Dog Warden said when a dog isn’t socialized or people-friendly it can be very problematic.

“It puts us in a tragic situation as far as trying to put that dog in a new home,” said Fry.

Fry said the dogs they are seeing come in are stray, abandoned, or given up by the owner.

“Just give us some basic information so that we know where to begin and we can be honest with new adopters,” said Fry.

A lot of the dogs need basic training on socialization skills and housebreaking.

Fry explained the average lifespan of a dog is 12-15 years and an owner must be prepared for this commitment.

“Please, in case something happens, have arrangements, make sure your dog is rehomeable,” said Fry.

The Dog Warden staff have been working in overdrive trying to take care of and train all the dogs so that they can find healthy homes.

“We want to make sure we get these dogs safely into new homes with other animals so that they can have a good life,” said Fry.