LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – Two days ago, a gunman walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 21 people — 19 children and two teachers.

As the country tries to come to grips with yet another school shooting, people in the Valley are rallying to send love to strangers halfway across the country in the form of a banner.

Just a few weeks after enduring their own school shooting tragedy, the Lowellville community is coming together in solidarity to support the people of Uvalde, Texas.

“I was listening to the news and I felt like we needed to do something. I needed to do something. So I came up with the banner,” said organizer Burton Baird.

Baird went to Signs by Tomorrow and they got to work on his vision.

“They said we can’t take any money from you. Look at… you’re reaching out to other people across the country. This is you. This is all yours,” Baird said.

The massacre in Texas, though 1,500 miles away, hits close to home.

“I have two granddaughters in the school system, seven and 10, and to experience what they had to that day and then to have to face going back to the school and walking through and seeing the support and the love coming from outside of just Lowellville,” said participant Dawna Cooper.

More than 200 people have signed the banner over the last two days.

“One father reached out to me. His son or his daughter were in the room where one of the teachers got killed and they were wounded. They were shot. I was in tears sitting there reading it this morning and it meant so much that we were doing this for their town,” Baird said.

The banner will be shipped out on Friday for Texas.