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Too much salt could hurt pets and environment

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Dealing with the first bout of icy roads means a lot of salt and de-icer are being used.

The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District says most people tend to use too much, which can cause damage.

The district wants folks in Northeast Ohio to remember a simple acronym when they start using salt this winter – S.A.L.T. (Stuff-Amount-Location-and Time).

  • Stuff – Road salt only works above 15 degrees
  • Amount – One, 12-ounce cup is enough to cover about 10 sidewalk squares. Leave three inches between salt granules
  • Location – Only salt sidewalks and driveways. Never on your lawn, flower beds, tree bases or streams
  • Time – Salt works best before the snow falls or right after the snow is removed from your driveway

It’s important to protect pets from salts and de-icers. Make sure to wipe off their paws after time spent outside to make sure the salt doesn’t cause irritation and to ensure they don’t ingest the salt if they lick their paws and fur. 

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