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Her baby was struck by a roman candle when a neighbor knocked it over

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – If you plan on setting off your own fireworks, or are going to watch some this holiday week, you may want to take some extra precaution.

Almost five years ago, 27 First News told the story of Kiarra Jackson, a mother whose baby was struck by a roman candle when a neighbor knocked it over.

“It shot into my window and into her Rock n’ Play,” she said. “When my mother-in-law grabbed the ball out, boom. It exploded in her Rock n’ Play, in my mother-in-law’s hands.”

With the Fourth of July being one of the biggest holidays of the year for fireworks, it always helps to be safe, especially if children are around.

“Children should never handle fireworks. So, kids can’t even handle sparklers. Stick them on the ground, light them up and let them watch it at a distance,” said Sthephanie Miranda with Phantom Fireworks.

Miranda goes on to say that you should be at least 35 feet away for non-aerial fireworks and 150 feet away for aerials.

Pets should either be left in the house or tied up. She said to have a bucket of water on stand-by. Lastly, always use common sense.

“It is fire. It could burn you. It is dangerous, but just handle the product with caution and you’ll enjoy a nice Fourth of July,” Miranda said.

It is also important to make sure you light it correctly.

“We do have safety cards in every single aisle with exact pictures and directions how to exactly light each and every category of fireworks,” said store manager Carlee Phelan.

Now, Au’bre is five-years-old with both a younger brother and sister. This is something her mother said might not have happened if the accident was deadly.

“I almost lost her and if I would have lost her, I don’t think I would have him or my other daughter because if I would have lost her, I would have lost myself.”

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