(WKBN)- It’s the middle of summer and you might be starting to run out of ideas to keep kids from going crazy.

A lot of parents are probably starting to hear their kids complain that they’re bored. Luckily, one pediatrician shares some tips to spark some inspiration into your summer plans.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or even cost you a thing. Combating boredom can simply start right in your backyard or in your community park. Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Gina Robinson says getting outside is not only great for their physical health – but helps with socialization too.

“Going to the park, going to the playground, swimming, a lot of communities have pools that are open and available during the summer, the zoo is a great option,” said Dr. Robinson.

Lack of socialization and an increase in screen time impacted kids during the pandemic. The American Academy of Pediatrics says children today spend an average of 7 hours on electronic devices. They recommend creating a family media plan to ensure kids are using the technology appropriately.

For parents, social media can come in handy to reach out to other parents who have activity suggestions.
There are going to be rainy days to plan for.

“Reading is always great and it’s nice because you can kind of mix two things, maybe take a walk to the library to get your books and walk back home so you get some exercise and you get your books at the same time,” Robinson said.

Some kids may not be excited, avid readers. Dr. Robinson says she tells kids that ready can be fun in the summer because they can choose the book. Kids don’t have to read a book assigned to them.

There are plenty of free and low cost events happening all the time. We even have a calendar on our website that lists some of these events.