YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Fourth of July festivities have begun, and many families will be outside enjoying the Fourth of July activities.

Linda Beilstein, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Akron Children’s Hospital, said it’s important to make sure your kids are staying hydrated while having fun.

“You want your kids to have a great time, and if they’re not keeping hydrated, they can start to feel very tired, overheated,” she said.

Doctors at Akron Children’s have noticed more children becoming dehydrated when they play outside for long periods of time in the summer.

Beilstein said there is a simple formula to follow to know how much water kids should be drinking.

“Depending on how much the child weighs, and there are some guidelines if a child is greater than 8 years of age, they should be drinking 8, 8 ounces of water. If they are 6, they should be driving around 6, 8 ounces of water,” she said.

Beilstein said if your child complains of thirst, they are already past the point of dehydration. She said there are a few things to do if you notice your child is showing signs of exhaustion and dehydration.

“Washcloth on their forehead, their back of the neck, you can have them lay down, but the main thing is getting them out of the sun and getting them cooled off,” she said.

Beilstein said parents will want to make sure their kids stay hydrated this weekend, especially if they want to take a nap or cool off in the car.

“The temperature inside a car is about 43 degrees more than the outside temperature, so if a child is in a car and it’s 90 degrees out, and there’s no air conditioning on — let’s say they didn’t feel good, and they want to go lay down in the car, it could get up to 138 degrees,” she said.

Medical experts at Akron Children’s advise to avoid drinking too much caffeine and to eat foods with lots of water, like melons and citrus fruits.