Spending more time outside? Remember to stay hydrated, take care of yourself

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(WKBN) – It’s been hot and humid the past couple of days. As you venture outside, there are some things you need to do to take care of yourself.

It’s summer break and kids are playing outside. For adults, it may be doing yardwork or their job may require being outside.

There are two things to be on the lookout for during this hot spell: Heatstroke and exhaustion.

“With heatstroke, people start getting actual neurological symptoms, so they’re confused. May have even a lost of consciousness or people who faint out in the heat,” said Dr. Freedah Goodwin-Capers of Mercy Health Howland Primary Care.

If that happens, you need to call 911.

Signs of heat exhaustion are headache, excessive sweating, cramps, clamminess and mild dizziness.

“Staying hydrated, definitely taking breaks if you can. Anyone who’s senior citizen age or elderly needs to come indoors more. If you have breathing problems, get inside because those people are more at risk, but hydration is probably the best thing you can do, cooling towels around your neck. That type of stuff, too,” said Goodwin-Capers.

Choosing a drink full of electrolytes is even better than just water.

“We tell players to hydrate not only the day of but the day before the game, so you want to drink at least half your weight in water,” said Coach Ron Anzevino of an Austintown youth baseball team.

The first priority for coaches is the players’ health. On hot summer days, they pay a lot of attention to catchers wearing all that gear.

“They have to go in the dugout, take their gear off if they can, get a cool rag on their neck, drink plenty of water,” Anzevino said.

And on those 95° afternoonds:

“You would probably wanna switch up catchers during the game,” Anzevino said.

It’s not just limited to outdoor athletes. People that work or play outside should take these precautions as well.

First News also asked Dr. Goodwin-Capers if alcohol can also be a factor.

“It can. It can put it at risk for getting dehydrated faster. You may not drink as much true hydration type fluids if you are drinking alcohol, so drinking a lot more water would be helpful if you are going to be drinking alcohol,” Goodwin-Capers said.

The keys are rest, hydration and watching out for one another.

If someone isn’t acting like themselves, get them the help they need.

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