YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – For many businesses, the past two years have been up and down. That is especially true for local gyms.

Most businesses and gyms received some federal assistance money, but it only went so far over the past two years.

Laura Zavadil co-owns Megabarre in Youngstown. She said membership is down 50% to 60% and revenue is down about 25%.

“We need support. We need participants coming in. Our M-O is not anything else besides promoting health and lifestyle,” Zavadil said.

Megabarre offered remote classes but Zavadil said as time went on, interest died down.

Rachel Musilli owns Pure Cycle Studios in Canfield. They couldn’t offer remote classes. She said there is a benefit to in-person classes.

“It just kind of holds you more accountable, I think, versus working out at home when you can do it anytime. You could say, ‘Oh, I’ll do it tonight,’ and then you just kind of keep postponing. I just think being around other people and having that accountability really helps,” she said.

Falling off the wagon, so to speak, and at-home workout systems have really hurt local gyms.

“You have someone physically watching you, watching your form, making sure you’re not getting hurt. You do these things at home, these trainers don’t have any of that interaction with you,” Zavadil said.

As we’ve learned, those who live a healthier lifestyle fare better if they do get COVID-19 and by joining a local gym, you support the local economy and take care of yourself.

“I think a lot of people are still afraid of the virus, and we are keeping our studio as clean as possible. Being healthy is a top priority in battling this virus and just trying to stay healthy overall,” Musilli said.

Zavadil said her studio has always cleaned and continues to even more since the pandemic started.