AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A special guest delivered an important message to fourth and fifth graders at Austintown Intermediate on Tuesday: Spread kindness and prevent bullying.

Franki Moscato was bullied out of school in seventh grade, but she says her experiences made her stronger.

“I love just looking back and seeing how everything was meant to be,” says Moscato.

At the age of 16, Moscato won the “Golden Ticket” on American Idol. Now at 20 years old, she has her own foundation that focuses on sharing messages about kindness and bullying prevention with younger generations.

“We focus on fighting teen suicide,” says Moscato.

Moscato uses her gift of singing as an engaging way to speak with students.

“I love public speaking and talking to kids about kindness and anti-bullying and suicide prevention,” says Moscato.

Austintown Intermediate’s principal Angel Owens says it’s a special way to add to the bullying prevention the school teaches.

“It’s just another person in a different type of a communication mode. Singing — where they’re able to hear the same thing but just from another person. And sometimes that’s enough to just touch them in a different way,” says Owens.

Moscato says the struggles we face in life are ways to make us better.

“Anxiety is meant to build our character, and we just grow stronger from it. And it’s like lifting weights — you can either break down or recognize that you’re growing from it,” she says.

According to Moscato, being able to uplift and inspire others is the greatest feeling.