AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – For several hours Wednesday, the Austintown Senior Center was home to a number of assembly lines.

First, there was the kitchen where volunteers scooped food into containers, and then down the hall others pieced together more than 300 Thanksgiving dinners with all the fixins for delivery.

This is the 15th year staff with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office has worked with social service agencies to prepare the meals.

“It is something that makes us feel pretty good about doing because we’re able to give back to the community and interact with the community in different ways than a lot of times we often do,” said Sheriff Jerry Greene.

In addition to the deputies who who roasted the turkeys, close to 100 volunteers from half a dozen agencies help put everything together, including preparing the different side dishes. It’s a huge logistical task.

“We start planning this whole process months out and everyone has their part whether they are in charge or making sure the turkeys are ready, getting food ready, managing volunteers, whatever it is,” said organizer Leah Sakacs, a spokesperson for Americorps Seniors.

Unlike other events where meals are served or food is distributed, these dinners are going to people who can’t get out themselves.

“They wouldn’t otherwise get a meal for Thanksgiving. They don’t have anybody cooking for them or they’re caring for their grandkids and they really don’t have the extra time to prepare everything,” said Sarah Lee, a spokesperson for Communicare.

Work done selflessly to ensure others have the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving like the rest of us.