SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Sharon city leaders are looking into fixing what they call the city’s most dangerous intersection.

The area of concern is the intersection at Spencer Avenue and East Connelly Boulevard/U.S. Route 62.

City manager Robert Fiscus says accident data over the last 35 months, from 2019 up to today, indicates 12 accidents have occurred at the intersection. Of those 12, he says many have been very violent in nature with severe injuries.

Ten accidents were due to running a red light. Fiscus says most tend to happen when people run the red light on East Connelly headed west toward downtown.

“When someone from the east heading west would miss the red light or try to speed up to make the light. When they did so, they would catch someone completely off guard that was crossing through the intersection,” Fiscus said.

Coming around the bend at the intersection, it’s easy to be carrying a little bit of speed, but drivers are encouraged to slow down because red lights do come up quickly.

Fiscus says he has a meeting with PennDOT next Tuesday to ask for their assistance in conducting a traffic study to find ways to cut down on accidents at the intersection.

He says he thinks all options are on the table and plans to support PennDOT in whatever way possible.

“Whether it means a reconfiguration or, you know, maybe the traffic signals are timed differently or even some caution lights or something notifying the traveling vehicles that hey, this is a really dangerous intersection,” Fiscus said.

Fiscus says he doesn’t think the costs associated with the effort will create a financial hardship for the city.

“I know there’s some responsibility on the city and we want to make sure that we fulfill that, whether it’s financially or the coordination of services. There’s going to be a study to come up with what is the best option,” Fiscus said.