YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – WKBN has received numerous reports Wednesday of Valley homeowners noticing small, black insects wandering around their properties.

The little black beetle is being seen more often here in the Valley. It’s called a weevil and can be found on doors, windows, pools and vehicles. It has a pointy snout with two antenna and six legs. A tick has no antennae and eight legs.

Unlike a tick, the weevil can fly and does not cause harm to people or pets.

“It won’t bite. They actually don’t bite. It’s when they crawl they feel like they’re biting. So, if you just brush it off, then you should be fine,” Tekac said.

However, it could damage your plants and grass.

“It’s going to mainly attack annual bluegrass, which you wouldn’t have in your yard on purpose, but most yards around have it to some degree. You know, little patches of it,” Mill Creek Metroparks Garden Supervisor Dennis Penner said.

There’s also a yellow poplar weevil that’s attracted to trees. You’ll see the bluegrass species, especially on golf courses.

“It survives very well under tighter mowing conditions, fairways and especially greens,” Penner said.

So, how do you get rid of a weevil?

“Make sure your yard is cleaned up really well so that there’s no place that they can get down in and bury,” Penner said. “That’s really the single most important thing that you could do.”

The good news is, this type of beetle should be gone by early July.