EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – If you’ve ever been to an East Liverpool football game, the Lou Holtz Museum or strolled down East Fifth Street you’ve either seen or heard of Digger Dawson. You might’ve even have read his first book. Now, he’s writing a second.

To begin to answer why Dawson is so dedicated to his work, you can start in the basement of the Lou Holtz Museum where you will find a room dedicated to Potter football.

“There’s a certain passion, and I don’t know what it is about Friday Night. The bands play, the popcorn, the cheerleaders,” he said.

Football greats such as Woody Hayes, Lou Groza and Bob Dave are in Dawson’s new book, but you’ll also see a famous pitcher’s name there, too.

“Every Cy Young pitched down at our ballpark in the late 1800s, and we have photographs and clippings to identify that,” Dawson said.

The Book will be titled Blue and White Flowers. Dawson hopes to have it published by July 4, ahead of Potter’s all-class reunion that weekend.

“We do a game-by-game account play-by-play. I do a little scoreboard. It’s kind of a poor man’s scoreboard, but it’s that idea,” Dawson said.

All of those games and photos taken by Jimmy Joe Savage are combined together in the book.

“Saw my first game in 1945, remember it well, and just became with the team. A manager, athletic trainer, cheerleader, booster, pep rallies, and confident of all the East Liverpool High School football coaches,” Dawson said.

Dawson puts his heart and soul into East Liverpool and the Potter football team but says he will hang up the cleats after this past season.

“It’s more than a game. It’s a combination of homecoming, family reunion; it’s home spirit,” he said.

Dawson said the next book will cover three centuries of East Liverpool sports, but it will focus primarily on football.

Dawson’s first book is titled Picking Elderberries: A Small Town Story.