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Scared neighbors reeling after brutal murder of baby and parents

Neighbors say there was suspicious activity at the house

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) - Caution tape hangs from a utility pole and broken glass litters the ground where a man, woman and baby were gunned down in Youngstown.

Just down the street from the crime scene on E. Pasadena Avenue, a pillow is left in memory of the victims.

The 911 tape reveals the chilling call after a gunman unloaded several shots into an SUV carrying Edward Morris, 21, Valarcia Blair, 19, and their 3-month child Tariq Morris.

Caller: “Yes, somebody’s having a shootout. I’m on Laclede Courts..and the shots very…”

911 operator: “How many shots?”

Caller: “Very close. A whole bunch..”

The calls to police started just after 7 p.m. from all around the area near Gibson and East Pasadena.

Caller: “You could literally see flashes through the windows. They are close by. There were at least 25 shots just now.”

911 dispatcher: “Okay, how many shots did you hear?

Caller: “Had to be 15, 20, maybe 30.”

Officers arrived at the scene within minutes finding the SUV riddled with bullets.

Voice of officer: “We have a signal 3. Send an ambulance. Two victims.”

Voice of officer: “Alright 204. Expedite that 55. We have a little infant.”

Despite their efforts, all three victims died from their wounds.

Victoria Allen lives on the south side of Youngstown and is president of the Neighborhood Block Watch. She knew the mother and the baby’s family.

“We hear gunfire almost every night. You know, there is nowhere that is sacred,” Allen said.

Frightened neighbors who didn't want to be on camera say there is often suspicious activity at the house where the shooting happened. Cars are seen coming and going all the time with the thinking that drugs may be involved.

“It’s all about self now instead of caring about your fellow person. No one cares anymore. There is no heart, no love,” Allen said.

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