YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The crowd is growing at YSU. Classes resume on Monday.

A popular hangout is returning to campus, but it needs to start the school year by overcoming a major challenge. It’s a problem that Jimmy John’s didn’t see coming.

Fresh bread is a main attraction at Jimmy John’s. The ovens are passing that test at the returning YSU store. But the trays holding the vegetables are empty, and there are no workers.

“It’s extremely disappointing. I was hoping to be training by now,” said Randy Gore, Jimmy John’s owner.

Gore needs 15 to 25 workers just to open. He has all of the required permits for the first day of business. He’s passed out applications around campus, and 26 applications have been taken from a folder out front. But zero have been returned.

“I have uniforms ready to go. Everything’s ready. The food is here, and we can start prepping and training and literally hit the ground running, hopefully, the next week,” Gore said.

Gore brought the original Jimmy John’s to Boardman. Now, he wants to bring back the sandwich shop to YSU. It’s been closed for over two years. Gore loves the location on Lincoln Avenue. The JJ logo is attractive. Everything inside is new, and the design flow is different.

“Pickup has a new way of working here at YSU. Here at this location, it’s a grab-and-go spot now, the first one in the corporation,” Gore said.

The smells are always free, but Gore estimates he’s losing around $15,000 a week for not being open. The return of Jimmy John’s at YSU is slower than expected.

“I just believe it’s word of mouth hasn’t gotten out that we’re doing a mass hiring event. I’m really hoping that this gets us moving in the right direction,” Gore said.

Gore is holding open interviews Monday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the YSU Jimmy John’s for anyone who wants to work. He also has applications at the door.