Salem police say someone stole truck with attached plow from city building

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The Salem City Utilities Department is down a truck used to plow snow after someone stole one over the weekend. But that person left even more damage behind.

A red 2017 GMC Sierra with a plow attached to it was stolen from the utilities building off of W. State Street during the snowstorm Saturday or Sunday.

Salem officials said they were surprised when they arrived back to work Tuesday morning.

“The manager from the water plant was quite shook up because that’s the truck he drives,” said Utilities Superintendent Don Weingart. “He had snow to remove that day and to walk in the building without a truck…”

Weingart called it an inconvenience.

Someone pried the gate open to get inside of the fenced property. Not only was the truck missing but there was also damage to the utilities building.

“So they were there at the scene in the morning and the police department had already been called at 8:01. I guess it was to view the scene and start to treat it as a crime scene,” he said.

Several city workers returned Tuesday morning to find two of their buildings broken into. Two windows were broken out on the garage doors and another window on the main door was busted.

“We are right in the process of engaging a company to replace the windows,” Weingart said.

Several globes for street lamps were broken in the other building.

Weingart said there was equipment, such as tools and different kits, inside of the truck that will have to be replaced. They do have insurance on the truck and buildings.

Right now, Salem police are looking at videos from different businesses to try to figure out who stole the truck. If you have any information, call the police department at 330-337-7811.

Truck used to plow snow in Salem stolen

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