BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The owner of a sports cards store in Boardman is offering a reward to catch a thief.

There was a break-in at Youngstown Sportscards exactly one week ago.

“Last week, when this happened, I told everyone that I was going to put all my resources towards finding this person and I’m sticking to that,” said George Samonas, owner of Youngstown Sportscards.

Samonas says that offering a reward is the first step. He is providing $5,000 of his own money as a reward, which he hopes will help lead to an arrest.

“The reward is an incentive to someone that was maybe leary of coming forward with it. Forward it to us. You can come to the shop. You can call us on our shop phone. We’re going to track everything and we’re working in coordination with the Boardman cops,” Samonas said.

Samonas says this incident has left him feeling uneasy.

“Rewatching the video, you do feel violated by it,” he said.

The reward isn’t the only thing Samonas is using to catch the suspect. He is also keeping an eye out for his serial numbered cards, which is much more than getting his cards back.

“This isn’t about reimbursement, this isn’t about me wanting my cards back. This isn’t about me looking for restitution. This is for… we’re looking for justice,” Samonas said.

We spoke with one of the shop’s dedicated customers, Ralph Sandy, who said he is actively searching online to see if any of the stolen items resurface.

“So I’m just on Facebook Marketplace every day, trying to look for some of the cards I know that were stolen and the PS5 obviously. Just kinda see if we can try to track it down or anything,” Sandy said.

Samonas says he appreciates all of the kindness he has seen from the community. He is hoping that everyone’s efforts lead to an arrest.

“We can have nice things in Youngstown, but the way to have nice things in Youngstown is get these people off the streets,” Samonas said.

As for the investigation, Boardman police say they’re actively working with the Niles Police Department as they believe two recent break-ins are related.

Anyone with tips can call Samonas at 330-540-8866 or email He also said that as they continue doing inventory, the price amount for how much merchandise was stolen has increased to $15,000.