Residents worry about effectiveness of new fixed speed cameras in Weathersfield Twp.

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Some worry that the person getting the ticket may not be the driver cited by the camera

MINERAL RIDGE, Ohio (WYTV) – A new state law prohibiting speed cameras on interstate highways has at least one local community looking at other options.

Two new speed cameras will soon be fixed on poles in Weathersfield Township, one on Tibbets-Wick Road and the other on Salt Springs Road.

Many business owners and residents in Mineral Ridge said Tuesday afternoon, they hadn’t heard of the new speed cameras being installed across the township.

But for those who did, they have concerns about how it will affect their businesses and have questions about how the technology will be used.

The cameras will issue citations for people driving 10 or more miles over the speed limit.

Residents are worried that the person getting the ticket may not be the driver cited by the camera.

“If it catches the car driving but not the driver inside the car, even if they photograph it and it’s not you, how are they still able to give the driver the ticket?” said Jason Chauvin, who lives in Mineral Ridge.

Chauvin is the district manager for the Cocca’s Pizza in Mineral Ridge. He said he has seen negative effects of speed cameras in other small towns.

“I’ve seen other cities in my lifetime where they’ve done this and it has severely slowed down business on those routes,” Chauvin said.

Matt Novicky is a high school student who works in Mineral Ridge but drives from Austintown. He said the cameras will change the route he takes to work.

“I will probably not take that road anymore if I know of other roads I could take to get to work. But if I knew where it would happen, I would definitely avoid that road,” Novicky said.

Chauvin hasn’t seen speeding drivers as a problem in Mineral Ridge.

“As far as speeding goes, it’s not really been a big issue because of the construction that’s been going on here. It is only a two lane road, you really can’t drive that fast through here,” Chauvin said.

Instead, he’s more concerned about pedestrians in the small town.

“The biggest concerns I have is people not paying attention, like when kids are crossing the street. We have a crosswalk up there that’s not lit up. They need to have something like a red light that says it’s time to cross,” Chauvin said.

The new cameras won’t be manned like the ones they use now. An active duty police officer will be in the vicinity whenever a speed camera is active.

Speed camera citations are not considered a moving violation and won’t add points to a license. They also won’t affect insurance rates.

Six more locations could be added in the future.

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