Residents see streets, homes flooded from rain, say they want something done

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As the rain fell Friday, it came with flooding in some areas. Residents called into our newsroom saying how bad the flooding was in some parts of Youngstown.

Residents along Tam O Shanter Road say enough is enough. The road has flooded four times, and each time it gets worse.

Theresa Leaver says she watches the weather intently and is always finding ways to be prepared, but the rainfall Friday just kept on coming.

“I have a sewer valve that I can close so that the sewage doesn’t back up. I have a really good sub-pump and a backup sub-pump and both of them failed,” Leaver said.

Leaver’s sister’s house is trapped with water all around it, and a few doors down, a neighbor’s backyard and basement flooded.

Brian Kuzma says he did what he could when the rain started coming down by lifting his basement furniture off the ground.

He says this is very frustrating to continue to deal with and he just wants help.

“The drainage system still can’t handle the floods, still can’t handle the water, and I’d like to know who I can contact. Who can I get in touch with, who can come down and help us because I know I’m not going to be the only one,” Kuzma said.

Christine Kutasi has lived on Tam O Shanter Drive since 2013. She says she opened her door to her home and all she smelled was garbage.

“I work at Rulli Brothers. I just got off work and this is not what I want to come home to. All the neighbors, we’re all unhappy with what’s been going on and no one wants to help us,” Kutasi said.

They all say they love their neighborhood, but they just want something done.

First News will be reaching out Saturday to see what can be done.

A couple miles west of Tam O Shanter Drive, there was more flooding on another street in Boardman Friday afternoon. It was on the corner of Euclid Boulevard and Orlo Lane.

Drains were overflowing from the amount of rain, making it tough for drivers to get through. The road and median were both underwater, Only one side of the road was open.

Multiple yards along the street were also flooded.

“When we get heavy downfalls like we did tonight that last for a good half hour or so, it’s every summer,” said Brenda Desalvo who lives on Euclid Blvd. “Well, I just noticed as I went through the high water, I didn’t realize it was as high as it was, and then when I get home, I’m looking at my car and it took the whole bottom out from underneath my vehicle. So I’m not really sure how much that’s going to cost me.”

One neighbors said the persistent flooding along Euclid Boulevard is problematic because there’s always a cost in cleaning up afterwards.

There was also a report of high water along Southern Boulevard between Midlothian and Indianola.

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