EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Valley Congressman Bill Johnson was in East Palestine Friday talking with students about the future.

The Congressman and Governor Mike DeWine joined students in a college prep political science class. Johnson challenged the kids to become engaged and involved in politics and government while they’re young so they are ready when it is their turn to be leaders.

“They need to understand that sooner or later they’re going to take the reigns of leadership. Our country is in perpetual re-design and every generation has to write their own great chapter of our amazing journey,” Johnson said.

Johnson says he also told the students about a new version of a railroad safety measure he introduced today in Congress. He hopes to work with leaders in the Senate to come up with a plan that can pass both chambers and then be signed into law by the President.

Johnson is also calling the recent downing of a U.S. military drone a “provocative” act that cannot be ignored.

On Tuesday, a Russian fighter pilot flew his plane into a drone, causing it to crash into the Black Sea. The Pentagon released video of the incident, which also showed the fighter dumping fuel on the drone before hitting it. Johnson said the U.S. military will not be intimidated.

“They need to stop and recalculate. We’re not going to be bullied by the Russians. We’re going to continue to operate in areas governed by international law.

Johnson says U.S. and NATO forces may need to consider escorting future drone flights by fighter jets to prevent any further incidents by Russian pilots.