CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — While there’s a run on pumpkin spice hot drinks, a favorite iced drink is just coming into season.

Apple cider slushies started pouring Wednesday at White House Fruit Farm. With apples being harvested now, there’s enough to make more cider, which is the main ingredient of the slushies.

Each batch of cider tastes different, and each slushy reflects it. The recipe relies on a blend of different apples.

“Our farmer is also our cider maker, and that’s a bit of a mystery. He mixes up his own cider. He has a particular sweetness that he likes — a particular flavor that he likes — so we have a blend of apples that we use,” said Kim Hull Cisco, with White House Fruit Farm. “That’s why we would have to wait until we have several varieties before we can make cider.

White House also has cherry, raspberry, peach and strawberry slushies. Later this year, around Christmas, it will have a gold rush cider, which is their “champagne of ciders.”