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Records show top 60 parking ticket offenders in Youngstown

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Do you have a Youngstown parking ticket you still haven’t paid? Many residents owe some pretty big fines, and it’s all because of unpaid tickets.

On Thursday, Youngstown Clerk of Court Sarah Brown-Clark released a list naming 60 of the city’s worst offenders.

These people owe the most amount of money in parking tickets, and it’s only a matter of time before the consequences catch up to them.

“So why am I rushing to pay mine if someone else has an outstanding balance for years?” asked Youngstown resident Matthew Mancuso.

Mancuso has lived downtown for almost a year and has gotten three parking tickets, which he pays right away.

“Why am I so conscious about it when other people are getting away with it?” he asked.

But now, Brown-Clark is working to change that, starting with the list of names.

“What we’ve done is identify the 60 people who owe the most money and I need to say that there are many behind the 60 that owe at least $1,000,” she said.

Brown-Clark says those 60 offenders together owe a total of $150,000. The total amount of outstanding parking tickets throughout the city is over $1 million.

“I need the public’s attention that when you get a parking ticket, you’re responsible to pay it,” she said.

Right now, the city can only tow the vehicles of people who don’t pay their parking tickets.

Brown-Clark wants Youngstown city leaders to add more consequences. She’s calling it a three-pronged approach.

“We’ve got the towing and the windshield barnacles and the boot. We have issue warrant blocks on these tickets, which means they cannot renew their license or their license tag until they pay it in full,” she said.

Youngstown council said it would consider Brown-Clark’s suggestions. She hopes the changes will be made by August 1, but her deadline is by the end of the summer.

“We’re serious about collecting this money and this is mid-May, they have actually 10 weeks to handle their business and take care of this before we hit them with the full court press,” she said.

And people who pay them on time are hoping for the changes, too.

“If it hasn’t been right away and they’re waiting years, it’s about time they got booted,” Mancuso said.

This isn’t a new problem, though. Last year, we spoke to Brown-Clark about $1.3 million in unpaid parking tickets.

Many of the people on Thursday’s list were also on last year’s list.

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