‘Rage room’ inside Eastwood Mall provides fun, safe environment to release anger

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The inspiration for Yo! Crash came after many people were upset over GM Lordstown closing

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – In Niles, there’s a new way to let off some steam while in a fun and safe environment.

We were always taught to not break anything and keep things nice and clean, but at the Yo! Crash rage room inside the Eastwood Mall, it’s all about destroying things to release aggression.

Mara Cunningham, owner of Yo! Crash, said they’re having fun but also taking the right precautions.

“We let you break everything that we have in stock — in-store and inventory. Dishes, plates, glasses or anything that you can think of. It’s just a way to constructively get out any frustration you may have,” she said.

Cunningham said the inspiration came after many people were upset over General Motors Lordstown closing. So, she created an outlet to release that anger.

“We’ve only been opened for a week so we haven’t been able to get the influx of customers that we wish we can get. But for the most [part], anyone who comes here, they’re ecstatic to do it and they’re excited,” she said.

Cunningham said the pandemic forced them to make a few adjustments in order to reopen.

“Just to keep the exposure down for myself and my employees. We are Monday through Thursday, appointment only. Friday through Sunday we open at 12 p.m. and take walk-in and booking appointments,” she said.

Along with preventing exposure, the staff is also taking sanitary precautions.

“We wipe down pretty much everything you can think about. When you go into the room, you aren’t touching anything because you have the gloves and face mask on. But down to the doorknobs, the chairs you sit on and the pens you write your waivers with,” Cunningham said.

After completing their rage room session, customers will place their gloves and masks in a designated area to be sanitized for the next customer.

“The masks, the gloves, we sanitize the smocks. Everything that you can think of we wipe it down. Even the register, we wipe it down periodically,” Cunningham said.

Although it’s not a medical or therapeutic facility, customers say it’s cheaper than therapy and they will be there more.

“It is fun to come here and it’s fun to get it out. But we want people to know that if you address the anger and you find an outlet for it in a positive way, then that can get you in the right steps to maybe seeing a therapist or helping yourself,” Cunningham said.

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