Protect your pets from summer heat as you would yourself

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Avoid putting your pet in a situation you wouldn't put yourself in either

(WYTV) – The summer heat can be blistering for your pets — their body temperatures rise as the heat does.

Pets love to be outside but they can develop problems from overheating, just like humans.

You can help by asking your vet if they would do better with a warm weather haircut.

The simplest thing to do is avoid putting your pet in a situation you wouldn’t put yourself in either.

“To leave them alone in a hot car even if the window is down a couple inches, it can turn dangerous so quickly, and outside, same thing goes. If it’s an outside dog, make sure there’s shade, make sure there’s fresh water,” said Dianne Fry, Mahoning County’s dog warden.

Some dogs do better than others in the heat, so it’s important to know your pet.

If you see any signs of stress, move your animal to a cool location such as shade or air conditioning.

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