YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown Community Schools, Liberty and Campbell students are receiving eyeglasses through a partnership between Sight for All United and community organizations and businesses.

Nearly 400 children over three weeks will receive essential eye care. Campbell Elementary School students were first up. Organizers say this is a real need that many might not know about.

“Sixty percent of all who fail their school screening never make it to an eye doctor, never get an exam, never get a pair of glasses. And if 80% of our learning is through our eyes, then how are they going to succeed in school? This program is about fixing that statistic,” said Dr. Sergul Erzurum, co-founder and president of Sight for All United.

Students were given eye exams and their pupils dilated, along with other steps to measure their eyesight. Then, they were then sent over to the Fitz Frames table where they picked out the color and style of their 3-D-printed, custom-tailored glasses.

The students’ faces were measured and they were able to virtually see what their glasses were going to look like on them.

“Days like this just remind me why I really wanted to start the company. Being able to help identify kids’ vision issues and get them glasses that they need is so incredibly rewarding and important. I’m just so grateful we were able to be here,” said Heidi Hertel, founder of Fritz Frames.

Schools officials say this event could not have been possible without the help of the United Way and they are so grateful for all who contributed to making it possible. Superintendent Matthew Bowen says an event like this is going right along with their motto of addressing the whole child’s needs.

“Making sure that everything they need from nutrition to healthy living and activity is also mirrored with things like eyeglasses. To have the opportunity for our students and the partnership, we couldn’t be more thankful,” Bowen said.

Families whose children have not gotten or need an eye exam, contact Sight for All United.

Contributors to the vision program include: