CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Professional bowling is returning to the Valley this weekend with a tournament being held in Canfield.

Fach and several other bowlers are encouraging the public to come out to Amron Lanes in Canfield to watch the professional bowlers association knock some pins this weekend.

The PBA qualifying event starts at 8 a.m. Saturday.

Multiple bowlers from this weekend’s event say they’re seeing more young people get into the sport, though JR Raymond says it fell off for a while, he credits new techniques like two-hand bowling for making the sport interesting again.

“Now they can do a lot of different things that guys and young kids couldn’t do early on in their years and now they can do it early on instead of waiting until they get older to figure out the techniques so it makes it a lot more fun for the kids now,” says Raymond.

He said as centers changed and youth directors left, less kids were getting involved in bowling in elementary and middle school and consequently professionally.

“Now we’ve got things like YouTube where so many of us that have YouTube channels where we’re teaching and showing people how to do different things in the sport,” continues Raymond.

Patrick Dombrowksi says tournaments for younger players and college scholarships have also helped revive youth interest.

“Colleges are starting to get more into it so I think that’s where it’s starting to grow more and with the scholarships and all with the tournaments for the younger kids, which wasn’t around when I was in college,” says Dombrowski.

“You can bowl an actual tournament and instead of walking away with a couple hundred dollars it’s actually saved in an account for your future college,” continues Fach.

The PBA Mahoning County convention will continue Sunday at 10 a.m. with the top-16 bowlers from Saturday’s games in Canfield.