EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) — The pottery capital of the world is back at it again. After a two-year hiatus from COVID, the Tri-State Pottery Festival is back in East Liverpool.

For 52 years, East Liverpool has put on the festival. Known as the pottery capital of the world, East Liverpool has been home to about 250 pottery makers over the years.

Hundreds of people came out downtown for the second day of the Pottery Festival.

“There’s a lot of people come from out of town for this purpose. We had someone yesterday drive 300 miles just to come up and play our dime toss,” said volunteer Betty Patterson.

The game is simple: throw a dime, and if it lands on or in one of the pieces, you win it.

Commissioner of Doorknob Toss Perry Howard said he’s been tossing doorknobs for 25 years.

“Young kids with nothing to do. There were no video games. They decided to put a hole in the ground, get the doorknobs and throw them into the hole and they started keeping score,” said Howard.

Doorknob production started in East Liverpool in 1849 with Riverside Knob Manufacturing, which would make $80,000 a day in its prime.

The imperfect ones were trashed and started to fill the river until the kids turned them into a game.

“As a little kid, we would go out and dig in our yard and there wouldn’t be a day when you wouldn’t find a broken plate, or a broken mug or even a doorknob,” said volunteer Chris Pritt.

Now the festival looks to crown a national champion and have official doorknobs for throwing made by Homer Laughlin Pottery.

“Homer Laughlin, it’s their 150th year this year. There’s just a lot of different potteries in the area — artwork,” said President of the Tri-State Pottery Festival Paula Vaughn.

If you missed the pottery festival Friday, you can still check it out Saturday starting with a 5K Run at 8 a.m. Games and entertainment will be held throughout the day. The festival ends with fireworks at 10 p.m.