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Portions of Weathersfield, Howland townships could become part of Niles

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City leaders want Niles to stabilize and grow, and they're hoping to do so by making annexation a part of next year's comprehensive plan

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – Annexation of portions of Weathersfield and Howland townships into the City of Niles could be on the horizon after city council passed an ordinance in November.

Council determined it was in the best interest of Niles to have portions that border city limits and use city utilities, like water, sewer and electricity, annex into the city when it’s in the best interest of the municipality.

The ordinance also requires properties that don’t border the city but use their utilities to enter into a development incentive agreement.

READ: Ordinance to annex parts of Weathersfield and Howland into Niles

City leaders want Niles to stabilize and grow, and they’re hoping to do so by making annexation a part of next year’s comprehensive plan.

Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz said they don’t have the areas for annexation picked out just yet but passing this ordinance was the first step in the process.

He also said those property owners who now pay outside rates for utilities would pay the lower inside rate if they annex into the city.

“It does not require annexation, however, it grants us the opportunity to work with a resident, a business owner, a property owner in the event they want to become a member of the City of Niles.”

We reached out to township administrators in both Weathersfield and Howland.

Howland’s Darlene St. George said she didn’t want to speak on the matter just yet.

We haven’t heard back from Weathersfield’s David Rouan.

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