YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A once popular spot in downtown Youngstown is making a comeback.

You’ve seen its sign for decades. The Hub was once a spot for people to eat and drink right in the heart of downtown.

The Legal Arts Building had been vacant since 2005. Developers say they have been working on re-purposing it since about 2020. The parking deck is open.

Phase 2 is getting The Hub back and running. Developers posted on social media Saturday about starting phase two.

They say within the matter of hours, they already were getting calls.

“I’ve already gotten five phone calls, one of them yours. So, it’s a very popular place and people know the hub, we’ve all gone to the hub. Used to go there regularly in the 80s,” said John Angelilli of Greenheart Property Management.

The property management is looking for potential tenants to move into The Hub. Angelilli says they hope to have a variety of food and beverage places inside.

Another goal is to make Youngstown a more walk-able city.

Angelilli expressed his excitement seeing the redevelopment already started and looks forward being part of it.