Policing and new procedures help keep kids safe at fair

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CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, losing a child in a crowded area. On Saturday alone, more than a dozen children were lost at the Canfield fair.

All of them fortunately were eventually reunited with their families thanks to policing and procedures put in place to locate children who wander away from their parents.

Don Sweeney was at the fair on Sunday with is six boys. He says a trip to the fair always starts with a conversation about what to do if they get separated.

“We always talk before we come about where we are going to meet,” Sweeney said. “If someone wants to go see something, just tell us if they want to go see it, and we’ll walk over as a group instead of someone running off on their own.”

With 150 security officers on the ground, the fair also has a plan in place just in case a child does go missing. Fair board member Andy Frost said all the officers have any eye out for children who appear to alone or wandering around. They also have portable radios and will stay with a lost child until the parents come or they will take them to the police station.

Years ago, there was a sound tower to announce missing children. Frost says the way things work now is an improvement.

“People were trying to use it for a message board. They could call up ‘we have an emergency and we need to get a hold of this one.’ They couldn’t even keep up with it. I truly feel this system we have now is much better,” Frost said.

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