A Youngstown mother is facing charges, accused of passing out in a vehicle with her young daughter in the back seat.

Police suspect she overdosed on drugs in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru in Warren.

Officers were called to Dunkin’ Donuts on Wednesday morning after they said 28-year-old Jessica Lipinski passed out behind the wheel of the car.

An employee working the drive-thru window at the Dunkin’ on Route 422 frantically called 911.

911 caller: “Oh my god, she’s high as hell and she has a baby girl in the back seat!”

Police said it was a very dangerous situation because the car could’ve continued rolling into traffic on 422.

“If your foot slides off the brake while you’re overdosed and you go out on a main street and you kill somebody’s family, I don’t want to see that. That would be horrible,” Sgt. Geoffrey Fusco said.

He said Lipinski’s 4-year-old was sitting in the back seat at the time.

“She was really anxious, really irritated, agitated, had a super high heart rate.”

When officers got there, they said Lipinski was awake but appeared confused. When asked what she was doing, she responded, “I’m just trying to pay,” according to a police report.

Police said she was shaking severely, which she claimed was from a nerve issue.

They found a spoon with pink residue and burn marks on it on the passenger seat, along with paper containing white and pink powder inside the center console, police said.

Lipinski was taken to the hospital for treatment. Police said she refused to submit a blood test after talking with her attorney.

She is charged with driving under the influence, endangering children and drug paraphernalia.

Lipinski failed to show up for her arraignment so a warrant has been issued for her arrest.

The child was released to her father.