EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – A man was arrested after police say he crashed into two East Liverpool squad cars during a domestic violence call last week.

East Liverpool police were called to Reynolds Street at 8:22 p.m. August 12 where the victim told police she was being threatened.

She told officers that Shane McCutcheon, 32, sped away from the residence after he threatened to shoot her in front of their two children.

“Officer gets there. He immediately takes off, hits the car before he leaves and then turns into a pursuit. The officer sees him leave and tries to stop him,” said Chief John Lane.

McCutcheon was driving an F-250.

Police followed McCutcheon’s truck down the street and said he began passing cars on a double yellow line and speeding.

Police said they tried to box him in at a dead end on Valley Avenue when McCutcheon turned his vehicle around, rammed the offer’s patrol car and fled.

A passerby pleaded for McCutcheon to “stop” and “quit doing this” to no avail, according to the report.

“They were thinking he was going to bail there to go to the end and jump out and run, which he didn’t. He just spun around on him. He backed into him again. That’s where he flattened his tire,” Lane said.

At that time, another officer was turning onto Valley Avenue, and McCutcheon went right after that officer, slamming into his patrol car head-on and shoving it into a fence on Penn Avenue, according to a report.

“He just sits and waits, thinks we’ll see what he does. Well, as soon as he sees the officer he just gunned the engine and ran right into him, hit him head-on,” Lane said.

After they crashed, Lane says McCutcheon kept pushing that officer with his truck. He tried to back up but hit the first officer.

Afterwards, both officers were able to pin him in.

Police said McCutcheon then hit the first patrol car for a second time while attempting to escape.

Police said they tasered McCutcheon after he continued pressing the accelerator. Police ordered him out of the car and on the ground.

Both officers ended up going to the hospital, just in case.

“At first, neither one of them wanted to go to the hospital and I said, ‘No, what if you wake up the next day and can’t get out of bed?’ We have to have that stuff in line to protect them,” Lane said.

Police said McCutcheon was taken to the police station and charged with numerous criminal and traffic offenses, including felonious assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. Lane says this could have ended up being a much worse situation.

“You have a big heavy truck like that. It could have really been bad. Thank God, the way it turned out, no one is seriously injured, even him,” Lane said.

Bond has been set at $100,000.