CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Police arrested a man after they said he got into an altercation with officers in Campbell Thursday night.

Francis Fasline, 32, was arrested and charged with assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest/causing harm to a police officer and disorderly conduct.

Officers were called to Creed Circle in Campbell. When officers arrived, they said they witnessed domestic violence between a woman and Fasline. Reports said that the woman was crying and speaking frantically to officers. Police said that they noticed clothes scattered around the yard.

The victim told police that Fasline came home and was intoxicated. She also said that he was grabbing her and throwing clothes in the yard, so she left the home in fear of him.

When officers entered the home, they said that Fasline charged at them with two fists, yelling at them to get out of his house and using his body to push officers. Reports said that Fasline was pointing in officers’ faces. When officers asked him to put his hands behind his back, he did not comply several times.

Reports said that police got Fasline on the ground and had to wrestle him until officers told him that they would have to use a stun gun if he didn’t comply. Officers were then able to place his hands behind his back and handcuff him.

Officers had to force Fasline into the police cruiser because they said he was using dead weight to prevent them from moving him. Officers were able to get Fasline in the vehicle.

Reports said that the officers on the scene had scrapes on their hands and arms.

Fasline is in the Mahoning County Jail.