Police and state cracking down on fake IDs

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You can order almost anything from the internet and get it delivered right to your door – and that includes fake IDs.

The websites are easy to find. Most of them are from overseas and offer IDs from all 50 states, and some look legitimate.  

Many times the sites promote themselves as novelty shops or shops for theater props.

“They’ll put that boilerplate out there saying that you shouldn’t use this as a real identification card, and this should only be used for your own personal use,” said YSU Police Chief Shawn Varso.

Efforts to get the fake IDs off the street are getting stronger along with the punishment.

“If it is just a fake ID with fictitious information on it, it’s a prohibition on possessing fake identification. It is a first-degree misdemeanor. It could be punishable up to a $1,000 fine or six months in jail,” Varso said. 

If you provide a fake ID to someone it is a first-degree misdemeanor as well.

If you’re using someone else’s ID or using their information it is considered identity fraud. It’s a felony and could land you in prison for one year.

The State of Ohio is changing the designs of IDs, which will make it harder to copy. The Compliant card meets national travel security requirements and will be required to fly commercially or access federal facilities or military bases. 

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