People enjoy family time, warm weather at Lake Milton while trying to social distance

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With lakes reopened to the public, Monday couldn't have been a better day to be by the water

LAKE MILTON, Ohio (WYTV) – Many families spent their last day of the Memorial weekend at Lake Milton enjoying the nice weather and some family time while also trying to keep social distancing in mind.

Families have stayed at home for more than two months due to COVID-19. With lakes reopened to the public, Monday couldn’t have been a better day to be by the water.

“We were able to get out on the boat today and have a little social distancing as a family, just the few of us,” said Mica Bartels, of Lake Milton.

“So far we went out and caught walleye all day today. We did good today, we got our limit. It’s a nice day out here today,” said fisherman James Smothers.

“It’s wonderful. It’s good to see everything back in action again. There goes a nice Thunderbird down the street over there,” said Jerry Rockney, of Craig Beach.

There are still strict guidelines you need to follow at lakes, mainly social distancing.

“I mean, I was seeing the boats and everyone has their space, but even here, everyone is kinda giving everybody the space that they need. So we can continue to do what we want to do but as safe as possible,” said Brett Bartels, also of Lake Milton.

An officer with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said at Lake Milton, it appeared that people were not following park guidelines on social distancing.

Smothers went fishing at Lake Erie before going to Lake Milton. He said Lake Erie had larger crowds of people and some weren’t following precautions there.

“You still got people still being close but they’re doing as best they can and it’s nice to getting back to normal,” Smothers said.

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