Parents speak out, stand in agreement over masks at Crestview Schools advisory meeting

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COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Masks are on the tip of everyone’s tongues Tuesday night, especially after Governor Mike DeWine stressed the ongoing issues with the Delta variant.

On Tuesday night, Crestview Local School District held a Superintendent Advisory Meeting where parents shared their thoughts on masks and other issues.

“I can’t quite agree that wearing a mask will prevent anything or not wearing a mask will prevent anything,” said Katie Cooper, a parent at Tuesday’s meeting.

Dozens of parents showed up for the meeting where they brainstormed ideas on how to fix this absenteeism issue affecting their schools, many saying they want the right to choose if their child wears a mask or not in schools.

“If the children want to wear a mask, if the families want them to wear a mask, that should be completely left up to them,” said Stacy Corll, another parent.

Crestview Schools have only been in school for 17 days. Just from six days ago, the COVID cases have jumped from 27 to 40.

As for hand foot and mouth disease, it has gone up two cases.

This comes as Governor DeWine pleads for superintendents to make a mask mandate.

“In our case, and I understand his dilemma, but also our board, I can’t just say, ‘Hey guys, we’re masking.’ That’s a decision five people are making with me,” said Superintendent Matthew Manley.

All parents that spoke at the meeting were not in favor of a mask mandate, but some parents that were in favor wrote letters that are being seen by the board.

The consensus of everyone is they want their kids in school and they want them to be safe.

One thing Manley says he heard loud and clear was more sanitization in the classrooms.

“I think we have to work with our teachers on ability to sanitize desks, especially with classes changing. Every time they change, they are sanitized and come up with a plan on how to do that,” Manley said.

Manley says he will take what was said and discuss it more with board members in the coming days, and if a meeting is needed before October, they will announce one.

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