PA expands Move Over Law to include new requirements, harsher penalties

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If you aren't used to slowing down and moving over when you see a vehicle on the side of the road, you better start now

(WKBN) – There will be some changes on Pennsylvania roads starting Tuesday. The state is expanding its Move Over Law.

Previously, if you saw an emergency response vehicle on the side of the road, you were required to move over or slow down if you couldn’t change lanes.

Now under the new expansion, other types of vehicles are included, such as regular passenger vehicles and semi trucks.

In order to let other drivers know to move over, you have to do two of the following:

  • Turn on your flashing hazard lights
  • Put out road flares
  • Put out cones or other traffic control devices

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If you see a vehicle that is displaying these things and you can’t move over, the law now requires you to slow down to 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit. If you don’t do this, police can write you a hefty fine.

“It’s not just the first responders who are sometimes in danger on the side of the road. It’s also other trucks and other vehicles, that you wouldn’t typically see, with bright lights,” said Jill Harry, with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Another thing that is changing with the law is harsher penalties if you fail to move over or slow down. You can now get two points on your driver’s license for this.

Fines are set at $500 for first-time offenders, $1,000 for the second time and $2,000 for the third.

If you get a ticket three or more times, there can be a 90-day suspension on your license.

In the event someone is hit by a car and hurt or killed, additional fines can reach $10,000 in addition to potential criminal charges.

“It’s a real tragedy when an accident happens and it’s a tragedy for everyone involved,” Harry said. “The first responder and their family, also the driver of the vehicles. We don’t want anyone to have that experience, so we want everyone to remember to keep each other safe. Pull over when you can and always slow down when you see some type of emergency.”

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