GREENVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) — Over the last few months, we’ve shared with you stories about ghost hunting inside the Greenville Manor. Thursday night, First News asked the owners of the house why they bought a home that’s almost 150 years old, and do they think it’s haunted?

Katie McKenney and Marcus Haug got a call about the Greenville Manor being up for sale. Just like any homeowner they did some research on it. McKenney discovered two families that lived in the Manor for a while — the Gibsons and the McMillens.

“Amazing to me that they have such a story to tell and I wanted it to live on,” said McKenney.

When they walked through the home, they were impressed by the inside. They wanted to honor both families, for the first owners — the Gibson family — for their time serving in the military.

For the McMillens, two caskets are on display — an adult-sized one and a smaller one for a baby.

“And he used this as a funeral home,” said McKenney.

They’ve been working on cleaning the home. They cleaned up the staircase, scrubbed one room and tore up the carpet on the second floor but they’ve had help along the way, some that are ghost hunters.

“We have people that have sacrificed their time, volunteered their time to help,” said Haug.

So do they believe it is haunted?

“Even on clean-up days, they interact with us. It just happens and you’re like, okay there you go,” said Haug.

“I thought Marcus was going on to the third floor and the door slammed and then we looked down and we see that Marcus was downstairs,” said McKenney.

They have cameras set up around the house.

Thursday, while filming, all of us were on the first floor and heard a door slam from one of the floors above us.

So why fix up a house that is allegedly haunted?

“There are buildings that need to be saved and they’re torn down. For what? To make a parking lot, a Walmart? No,” said Haug.