Owner offering reward for identity of suspects who vandalized Warren putt-putt center

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The suspects appeared to have tried every window and door to get inside the clubhouse

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Criminals made a mess trying to break in to the Putt-Putt Fun Center and Batting Cages in Warren.

“It just baffles me why someone would want to break in to a putt-putt,” said owner Roberta Cykon.

Putt-Putt and Batting Cages has served the community for 57 years. In the offseason, like right now, it is only open on the weekends.

Cykon opened the business Saturday to a disaster.

“I get to the putt-putt and I look and the whole facility is basically torn up and broken in to, like they had spent a lot of time here. It wasn’t like a two-minute job,” she said.

The suspects appeared to have tried every window and door to get inside the clubhouse.

Unfortunately, Cykon said this is not the first crime here. In August, mirrors overlooking the property were shattered.

“By the grace of God, usually, we’ve never had a problem in the four years we had the business. We never had a problem like this before. Who wants to break in to a putt-putt?” she said.

Cykon said she sacrifices a lot to stay open and that someone affecting her livelihood and a safe place in the community is troubling.

“You know, I’ve really poured into the community, trying to show them this is a safe place. I feel like that safe place has been hindered or broken,” she said.

Cykon said families come to putt-putt to be together.

Her business is one of the original, authentic putt-putts in the area. There aren’t many in the world, so it carries a lot of history.

“The couples that have gotten together — marriages, proposals, relationships. The relationships that started and ended. I mean, I can go on and on for what putt-putt has done for people,” Cykon said.

She wants the community to know her business is safe. Police officers from Warren and Howland will be investigating and patrolling throughout the area.

“I forgive you. If there’s something that important that you need that I have… I’m just not realizing what exactly you want. I’m being totally honest, we don’t leave money here. We don’t have valuables here,” Cykon said.

She’s offering a $1,000 reward for the identity of the suspects.

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