SHARPSVILLE, Pa. (WKBN)- The Kelly Road Bridge now has two-way traffic once again. Part of the former bridge closed in 2005 after PennDOT deemed it no longer safe.

One portion of the bridge remained in use for years, but was eventually closed to start construction of a brand new bridge.

“It was important to get this bridge as a two-lane structure in order to provide the full access again. plus, even the bridge that was currently open wasn’t in great shape,” said Mercer County bridge inspector Brad Elder.

It was decided back then to build a new bridge because the repairs would’ve cost millions.

The initial steel bridge was 125 years old. The county wanted to preserve a piece of the truss.

“There were some efforts made over the years to come to an agreement about how to handle that asset and ultimately it was decided that portions of that truss would be be kept,” said Elder.

The Kelly Road Bridge runs across the Shenango River at the Sharpsville Area Recreation Park. It is home to other historical pieces of Mercer County.

The final standing lock of the Erie Extension Canal and the old historic log cabin both are at the park where the bridge was replaced.

The entire project was federally funded and cost more than $4 million to complete.

Contractors were selected to meet the specific needs requested from the county and PennDOT.

The final pieces of the old truss are being displayed along the riverwalk, across the street from the log cabin.