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(WKBN) – A heat advisory from the National Weather Service has been issued for several counties in Ohio. Despite the heat, some workers have jobs that keep them outside.

The heat is trying for many outdoor workers. Most say the job is hard enough on a regular day, and when you add the weather conditions, things get more tricky.

Heat creates threats from overheating to dehydration, and with the storms, it has also made TB Tree, firefighters and First Energy workers be outside in the elements even longer.

CEO of TB Tree Tom Learn says they take all the necessary precautions to keep everyone cool.

They provide water, Gatorade and necessary breaks, but their uniform that keeps them protected also adds heat.

“It doesn’t matter especially in storms, damages, stuff like that. Doesn’t matter what the weather is. When someone has a tree on a house or a garage or their drive’s blocked or whatever, we have to be there to get it taken care of,” Learn said.

Firefighters deal with the same type of issues when battling a blaze in this heat.

Austintown Township Fire Chief Andy Frost says they try to keep their guys inside as much as they can unless they get a call on days like this.

“Take some extra precautions if we would get a big fire. We’ll try to put more firefighters on scene, give everybody breaks, keep them hydrated,” Frost said.

Safety is at the top of these workers’ priority list, especially when the temperatures are this high.

First Energy line workers go through several different safety trainings where they are on the lookout for signs or symptoms of heat exhaustion and other weather related issues.

“The work that they do even on a mild day is very dangerous, so when you add in very harsh elements like extreme heat, it makes their job even more dangerous,” said Lauren Siburkis, spokeswoman of First Energy.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to being safe and returning home to their families safe and sound no matter the weather.

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