CHAMPION, Ohio (WKBN) — Though the colder months may seem far out, two local organizations are thinking proactively and teaming up to build shelters for cats this winter.

Volunteers were hard at work Saturday morning building shelters made out of Styrofoam boxes lined with Mylar and stuffed with straw to help reflect body heat.

“You face it away from oncoming weather, you put a rock on it because of course they’re lightweight and the cats do extremely well in them,” said Corky Stiles with TNR of Warren.

Stiles said the shelters have the potential to last for years.

“Plastic just doesn’t hold heat and wood doesn’t hold heat but the Styrofoam is really good about holding heat,” Stiles said.

This is a team effort between TNR of Warren and “Cats Are People Too.” They’ve been doing this for about 10 years and have given away thousands of shelters.

The organizers said the shelters are a stop-gap solution to get these cats through the winter — but their main goal is to reduce the population of strays by getting these cats spayed and neutered.

“We sign people up two days a week, we run three to four to five clinics a month to get these cats fixed because it is the only way to stop this population and the kittens suffer terribly outside,” Stiles said.

Stiles said the problem is there just aren’t enough homes for the cats and they multiply faster than any animal besides rabbits.

“One female cat along with her offspring can produce 270,000 cats in seven years,” Stiles said.

The organizations goal this year is to build and give away 700 shelters. The giveaway will be in mid-September.