COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) — The Columbiana Police Department has received around 30 calls from homes in a Columbiana neighborhood who all had items stolen from their cars.

Officers said the thieves followed a route from Apache Lane to Hawkins Lane as well as a second route from Fairfield Avenue to Woodland avenue.

“We believe it’s the same subject or subjects in all of them. We’re suspecting multiple suspects,” said Chief of Columbiana Police William Myers.

A Pontiac Grand Am was found abandoned in the neighborhood early Saturday morning. A car was also reported stolen from the same neighborhood.

“The police showed up this morning and said that my wallet was ditched in a field with a stolen car in Weathersfield,” said one victim who asked to remain anonymous.

He said they took his cash but left his debit card and driver’s license.

AJ Hunt’s wallet and firearm were also stolen from his truck. He said his wallet was found on Youngstown’s South Side on Saturday afternoon.

“I think the police said they think they’re from the Youngstown area, I think my wallet being found in Youngstown confirms that they’re from that area because you don’t just randomly drive somewhere to throw a wallet out the window,” Hunt said.

He said he’s always felt very safe in his neighborhood.

“It’s that reminder like the officer said – it’s not about trusting your neighbors, it’s realizing that any bad person can come do anything they want,” Hunt said.

He said the worst part of getting robbed is worrying for his family’s safety.

“That violated feeling — more than theft, like money is money, items are items — but just that violated feeling just infuriates you to where, like I said, especially I have a wife and two young kids,” Hunt said.

Chief Myers said it’s extremely important to remember to lock your car. If you can, park your car in your garage.

Hunt said he hopes the thieves do the right thing.

“Your actions don’t define your future and everybody can turn it around. So turn it around,” Hunt said.

If anyone has any information or surveillance camera or ring doorbell footage to call the Columbiana Police Department.