COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – The Ohio Supreme Court is going to hear an appeal from Ohio Attorney Davis Yost against former Ohio PUCO chairman Sam Randazzo and FirstEnergy Corporation.

Yost is appealing a September 2022 Tenth District Court of Appeals decision that would in effect allow Randazzo to protect some of his property and money in connection to the House Bill 6 corruption case.

The court has agreed to hear the case, which seeks to reverse the lower court’s decision that could protect money that Randazzo has “otherwise placed beyond the state’s reach since he first became aware of the inevitable lawsuits he would face arising from his part in the conspiracy with FirstEnergy,” Yost wrote.

For example, Randazzo gifted his son a $500,000 house and from February through May 2021, he sold four properties totaling over $4.8 million turning them into liquid assets that can be moved instantly across the world…and has transferred $3 million into two law firms, one with no presence in Ohio,” Yost wrote in his filing.

The high court agreed Tuesday to hear the case. All documents are being requested for further review and proceedings.