Ohio doesn’t test gasoline for quality; lawmakers want to change that

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Ohio is one of only three states that doesn't test fuel quality -- so how can you know what you're really paying for at the pump?


(WYTV) – Gas prices are climbing but do you know what you’re actually paying for at the pump?

Right now in Ohio, the county auditor checks gas stations to make sure they are giving you the right amount of fuel. That way, if you pay for a gallon, you actually get a gallon.

But you might not always know what’s in that gallon.

Forty-seven states test their fuel quality at the pump. Ohio is one of three that doesn’t have testing.

“It’s one of the great mysteries why 47 other states do tests for fuel quality but Ohio does not,” said Franklin County auditor Michael Stinziano.

Most states in the country have a process where they check what ingredients make up the gasoline and if those ingredients are at the proper levels. For example, they check to make sure there isn’t water in the gas, which can destroy your car’s fuel system.

“Ohio consumers should know that they’re getting what they pay for at the pump,” said Rep. Brigid Kelly (D – Cincinnati). “It’s what they drive their kids, their families around in and if you get bad quality gas, it can lead to a lot of issues.”

House Bill 144 is a bipartisan bill that would allow Ohio counties to implement fuel testing.

It would allow auditors to set up programs to routinely check the quality of gas. It would also allow for sharing of testing resources and equipment between counties, testing of octane levels and checking for sediment.

If an inspector finds bad gas at a station, that station won’t be allowed to sell gas until the problem is fixed.

Representatives in favor of the bill say it would help protect Ohioans and, frankly, anyone buying gas in the state.

Alaska and Nebraska are the only other states that don’t test fuel quality.

Just because your fuel is not being tested doesn’t mean it can’t be. If you are suspicious of a pump, call your county auditor to report it.

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