(WKBN) – Many who follows sports think they will make a good sports bettor, but it’s not that easy.

The betJACK sports betting app has gone live in Ohio. It’s free, but right now, you can only practice without spending any money.

betJACK is based in Ohio and will be focused on Ohio teams.

“And we don’t pay attention as much to the large markets out east or out west that may not be as important to people here in Ohio,” said Adam Suliman, vice president of Jack Entertainment.

You’ll still be able to bet on any team you want. betJACK is calling it a training camp. The idea is to help you get up to speed on sports betting.

If you want to make a bet on the Cleveland Guardians to win, click on the money line and place the bet. It’s this simple. But you can also try out the more complicated bets.

“Customers can go ahead and make bets and all kinds of goofy stuff and see what they like and see what they don’t like. So when it’s time for real money they can get to business,” Suliman said.

Suliman said betJACK has content to explain sports betting, and it created a trophy system for trying different types of bets which may be new to you, such as betting on Tiger Woods to win the Masters.

“So the trophy system, I think, helps just sort of step folks into OK, you’ve placed your first bet on the winner of the game, now let’s try and place a bet on who’s gonna have the over right and this is what an over is. This is the trophy you get,” Suliman said.

When sports betting begins for real, you’ll notice the sportsbooks offering many incentives. betJACK expects to be right in the mix but feels it has an advantage being in Ohio.

“So we’re going to focus a lot of our promotions again on the teams and the events that our customers really care about in this state and in focus less on the major market brands like New York, New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles,” Suliman said.

Suliman said Ohio has not moved up the target date. It remains January 1 to start live sports betting.