(WKBN) – Incumbent Republican Dave Yost faces Democratic Jeff Crossman in the race for Ohio Attorney General.

Yost is a former journalist turned attorney. He was previously a prosecutor then became auditor of state.

Crossman is currently a state representative for District 15 near the Cleveland area. He spent five years on Parma City Council.

We asked both candidates how they would deal with any possible corruption or misconduct inside the Attorney General’s office.

“The first thing I did was appoint a professional ethics officer when I came in. And we still have that is looking at our operations and conflicts of interest, and all that sort of thing, on a daily basis,” Yost said.

“If you’re not willing to stand up against corruption, you’re going to encourage it to fester no matter where it starts to fester. So it can happen in state government, can happen in your own office, and that’s why you’ve got to hold folks accountable,” Crossman said.

Both candidates said if elected Attorney General, they would continue to fight corruption in the state.

“When I was auditor of state, we set up the first public corruption unit that the auditor of state has ever had and convicted over 150 people that were corrupt,” Yost said.

“We need to start a statewide corruption unit that actually focuses on cleaning out the statewide corruption that cost us jobs. It costs us real dollars in this state,” Crossman said.