NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Liberty Township Firefighter/EMT Nicholas Foard knows that in his line of work, he’s never truly off the clock.

“We get into this job, this line of duty to help people, so if we can do that on duty or off duty, we’re absolutely going to,” Foard said.

Foard’s work skills were put to use last Monday when he was at the mall with his family.

“My wife heard a commotion out in the mall, and she called me over. I look out there and I see a gentleman slumped over in a chair,” he recalled.

Foard quickly jumped into action. He said the man didn’t have a pulse. He started chest compressions while someone called 911, reporting a man was having a possible overdose, and other people went to find an AED.

Their actions were captured on police body camera video.

Foard said with the help of bystanders, plus Niles police and firefighters, they were able to get a pulse before the ambulance arrived.

“It’s our job to save them. Now what they do with their second chance, that’s completely on them. Hopefully, this gentleman gets the care that he needs,” Foard said.